Home National Politics The Real Scandal? Republicans Doctored the Benghazi Emails.

The Real Scandal? Republicans Doctored the Benghazi Emails.


Wow, this is slimy as it gets, although sadly not surprising coming from Republicans. As many of us have suspected all along, this whole Benghazi “scandal” has been ginned up by Republicans and their media echo chamber(s). Yet, in the end, as with most things Republican-related, there’s simply “no there there.” Nor, according to Ezra Klein, is there apparently any “there there” – at least with regard to the White House or high-level Obama administration officials – on the AP and IRS “scandals.” So what on earth is going on here? The #1 rated comment on the Ezra Klein story pretty much sums it all up:

The Republican Dream: an Obama scandal.

They are so convinced that Obama is the most corrupt President in US history, well, because he just is, that they know there is a Watergate-sized scandal hiding somewhere. Truth is: this is one of the most scandal free administrations in US history.

Exactly, and one we should all be very proud of. Now, if only the nihilistic Teapublicans would stop with the McCarthyist garbage and allow the adults (aka, the Democrats) to get back to the important business of our great nation.


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