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Virginia News Headlines: Saturday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, June 29. Also, see President Obama’s weekly address, in which he discusses the plan he unveiled a few days ago to confront the growing threat of climate change.

*Fossil fuels are a faith issue (by Richard Cizik — president, New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good and spokesperson, The Good Steward Campaign.)

*Invest, Divest and Prosper (Paul Krugman on building a clean energy economy, saving the environment, and prospering in the process. Why are we still wasting our time dithering around with antiquated fossil fuels, when there are far better options available?)

*A stand for Roe v. Wade (“Wendy Davis’s filibuster was a brave stand against deceitful new abortion laws throughout the U.S.”)

*Skirting hurdles on climate change (“Reflexive opposition like McConnell’s has been the tired refrain of folks who have opposed cleaner air and water, limits on acid rain, and higher efficiency cars and appliances. Each time, experience and history proved such alarms ridiculous. American people and industry adapted, leading to cleaner air and water, reduced acid rain, better cars and appliances.”)

*Republicans disparage Biden before Richmond speech (“Republicans disparage.” Yep, that’s what Republicans do. The question is, do they ever do anything else?)

*Cuccinelli fights bid to compel testimony (“Defense attorneys want to subpoena AG in chef’s embezzlement case”)

*Virginia’s gifted governor (“Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell (R) and his wife, Maureen McDonnell, are guilty of staggeringly bad judgment, ethical dim-wittedness and, in the governor’s case, ignoring Virginia’s financial disclosure laws. Whether the governor and his wife are to be charged with some other abuse of office is up to federal and state investigators.”)

*GOP Leaders Warn Pro Sports Leagues Not To Promote Obamacare (Excuse me? It’s the LAW, why can’t anyone and everyone promote it?!? As for being “controversial,” that’s 100% because Republicans have made it so.)

*Renewable Energy Closing In On Natural Gas As Second-Largest Source Of Electricity Worldwide (Go clean energy!)

*House bill would lift ban on coastal gas, oil drilling (Drill, baby, drill=Stupid, baby, stupid.)

*Morrissey vows to overturn Va. ban on same-sex marriage

*Paula Deen, Bob McDonnell lessons learned the hard way

*Shower, storm threat will stick around

*Nationals rally to beat Matt Harvey, Mets, 6-4 (Actually, they didn’t rally against Harvey, but whatever…this is the Post after all, accuracy is optional.)


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