This is hilarious!! RNC instructions to Republicans for their summer break.


    This is hilarious.

    Go to this website:…

    As Congress goes on their end-of-summer recess, the Republican National Committee sent the document at this website to all Congressional Republicans.  The document, entitled “Fighting Washington,” tells them what to do when they get back to their districts.  The document even gives them a suggested op-ed article to submit to their local newspapers explaining their “Fighting Washington” rhetoric.

    As you page through the document you’ll see that Congressional Republicans are told to tour farms and plants, set up public meetings, visit medical facilities, visit schools and senior centers, and the like.  

    My favorite part is in the section dealing with factory and plant visits where Republican Congress members are told to “wear a hard hat.”

    The instructions include many important tips on how to appear to be listening and caring about the desires and expressions of all constituents, and how to blame Washington for everything.  Much of the advice is about how to restrict the Congressman’s public audiences so that they only include those who agree with what he has to say.

    I’m writing a letter to the editors of my local papers in which I will describe this document as I have above.  Then, I’ll ask if our local Congressman plans to use the suggested op-ed article in his regular report to the district.

    Maybe if we all wrote letters to our local editors exposing this farce we could put a few GOTP Congressmen on the spot . . . especially if they duplicate the suggested op-ed piece.


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