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Video: Cuccinelli’s Empty Rhetoric on Star Scandal Hurts Virginia


Also see the press release from the Democratic Party of Virginia on the “flip.”

New DPVA Video: Cuccinelli’s Empty Rhetoric on Star Scandal Hurts VA

The Democratic Party of Virginia today released a new web video contrasting Ken Cuccinelli’s efforts to duck and dodge his own ethics scandal with media coverage detailing how deeply he is involved with the Star Scientific scandal and the related Governor’s Mansion Chef case. The new video is available here.

As the scandal involving his conflict of interest with Star Scientific and its CEO Jonnie Williams continues to drive statewide coverage, Cuccinelli is desperately trying to convince Virginians he is not a part of this growing mess. Unfortunately for him, the gap between the Attorney General’s rhetoric and reality continues to widen as more and more questions emerge about his actions in the two cases involving Williams from which he eventually recused himself.  

When questioned about his involvement in the case involving former Executive Mansion Chef Todd Schneider on Monday – the same day a hearing was being held on whether the case should be thrown out because of Cuccinelli’s conflict of interest – Ken Cuccinelli actually said that he had “no involvement” in the issue, and that the case “isn’t related” to him. Cuccinelli’s statement was baffling at best, given the case, given Monday’s hearing, and given that he has received $18,000 in gifts from Williams and Star.

“Just hours before a judge heard arguments about whether his conflict of interest had so tainted the case against Todd Schneider that it would have to be dismissed, Ken Cuccinelli actually tried to pull the wool over the eyes of Virginians and claim that he had ‘no involvement’ in the scandalous proceeding,” said DPVA spokesman Brian Coy. “Rather than trying to duck accountability for his involvement in this growing scandal, Ken Cuccinelli should come clean and be honest with the Commonwealth about whether Jonnie Williams’ financial patronage influenced the Attorney General’s handling of the chef’s case. It’s time Cuccinelli gives Virginians some real answers, not more tall tales.”


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