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Video: Virginia’s Nightmare Future – If We Elect Cuccinelli – Plays Out in North Carolina


What Annabel Park and Eric Byler are doing in North Carolina – our neighbor just to our south – is a nightmare vision of what COULD happen in Virginia if we elect Ken Cuccinelli as governor, EW Jackson as Lt. Governor, and/or Mark Obenshain as Attorney General this fall. That would, de facto, giving far-right-wing, John Birch Society-style extremist Republicans total control of the Virginia state government. And that, in turn, would lead to the kind of insanity you can see in the video below (e.g., lunacy about “Sharia law,” assaults on women’s reproductive health and freedom). We all need to make sure we prevent that from happening by a) volunteering for your favorite Virginia Democratic candidate(s); b) donating to your favorite Virginia Democratic candidate(s); and c) voting for the Democratic slate on November 5. The state you save from the terrible fate of North Carolina will most definitely be your own!

P.S. See Bills are laughable so N.C. is butt of jokes, which points out North Carolina Teapublican bills that would allow “North Carolina and its counties and towns have the right to establish an official religion;” that would exempt “‘a personal firearm, a firearm accessory, or ammunition’ manufactured in North Carolina and ‘that remains exclusively within the borders of North Carolina’ from federal law”; that would slap parents of college students with “a tax penalty if their children register to vote at their college address;” and that “not only creates a separate governing board for state charter schools but drops the requirement that those schools have licensed teachers and that they have to run criminal background checks on employees.” It goes on and on like this. And it’s coming to Virginia, SOON, if we elect Cuccinelli/Jackson/Obenshain. Don’t say you weren’t warned, and don’t try to pretend your vote doesn’t matter or that it doesn’t make a difference whether Democrats or Republicans are in charge. That’s just a load of crap.


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