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Watkins Abbitt Endorses Terry McAuliffe in Evington on Wednesday


The following press release is from the McAuliffe for Governor campaign. Note that while you see a lot of independents and Republicans endorsing Terry McAuliffe, you don’t see many (any?) Democrats endorsing Ken Cuccinelli. Gee, I wonder why that might be (hint: maybe because Cuccinelli’s an extremist nutjob heading up a ticket of extremist nutjobs?).

Former Independent Delegate Watkins Abbitt endorsed Terry McAuliffe for governor on Wednesday during a tour of White Oak Springs Dairy Farm in Evington, Virginia. Abbitt, who served in the General Assembly from 1986 to 2012, cited McAuliffe’s mainstream focus on issues that will improve Virginia’s communities and economy as to why he is supporting McAuliffe.

“Having worked with members of both parties in the Virginia House of Delegates, I know how important it is that we have a governor who will bring everyone to the table and find common ground on the issues that will keep Virginia moving in the right direction,” said Abbitt. “Terry McAuliffe is committed to finding mainstream ways to grow Virginia’s economy, support our small businesses, and protect Virginia’s natural resources and has shown that he will work with Republicans and Democrats alike to do so.”

Abbitt lives in Appomattox and represented the 59th District during his tenure in the House of Delegates. He originally served as a Democrat, but switched to an Independent in 2001 and caucused with Republicans until his retirement in 2012. Throughout his career, he has been a leading advocate for conservation as well as Virginia’s hunting and fishing traditions.

Abbitt is the latest of a series of Republicans and business leaders across Virginia who have joined in support for McAuliffe for governor — below is a roundup of others who have recently endorsed McAuliffe.


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