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As Gov. McDonnell’s Deputy Counsel, Delegate Minchew “Never Heard” of Jonnie Williams


Here in the 10th District (parts of Loudoun, Clarke and Frederick Counties), the Star Scientific scandal is coming home to roost. Our current Delegate, Randy Minchew, claims that he “never heard” of Star CEO Jonnie Williams until a few months ago.

There’s just one problem: During the time Williams was donating over $65,000 to Gov. McDonnell’s PAC and meeting with state officials thanks to the Governor;s sponsorship, Delegate Minchew was serving as the Governor’s Deputy Counsel. It’s very hard to believe that Minchew could be entirely unaware of a donor relationship that was such an obvious conflict of interest. Of course, that’s right in line with the ‘hear no evil, see no evil’ line that the Governor has been pushing as well.

Minchew claims that Williams’ name never came up because the Governor “compartmentalized” his personal and professional lives. The facts show a different story. The meeting that Gov. McDonnell set up between Williams and the Commonwealth’s Secretary of Health is clear evidence to the contrary.

I hope that Delegate Minchew has a more convincing story when and if he ends up testifying before the grand jury – if not, he’s not much of a lawyer. For now, it’s time for the 10th District to clean shop. I hope you’ll join me in holding him accountable.


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