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Bolling Rips Cuccinelli as “rigid ideologue who thrives on conflict and confrontation”


You’ve gotta love it when one conservative Republican tears another one, even further to the right than he is, a proverbial “new one.” Check this out, as Bill Bolling (a conservative Republican his entire life, I’d emphasize) does just that to Ken Cuccinelli (and the Virginia GOP).

*”There are a lot of Republicans in Virginia who are not happy with the Republican nominee for governor, and there are a lot of Republicans in Virginia who are concerned about the direction of the Republican Party.”

*”The Republican Party of Virginia has basically been taken over by the Tea Party folks, and Ron Paul folks, and because of that the party has gone in a direction that concerns a lot of us. It has resulted in the nomination of not just the most conservative ticket but also the most ideologically driven ticket in the history of the state.”

*”I’ve been clear to say that I have concerns about Cuccinelli’s ability to effectively and responsibly govern our state, and because of those concerns, I have not been comfortable endorsing his candidacy.”

*”I’m not a big fan of Mr. Cuccinelli’s…My main concern is the types of issues he has tended to focus on through his career, and his leadership style and demeanor, and his ability to effectively and responsibly lead the state. It’s not personal — I’m just not convinced he has the skill set that’s necessary to be an effective governor.”

*”I worry about the kinds of issues [Cuccinelli] would focus on as governor. I worry about his ability to build the consensus that’s necessary to solve problems and get things done. He has tended to be a rigid ideologue who thrives on conflict and confrontation and tends to be drawn to the more controversial and divisive issues of the day. They fire up the Tea Party base, I’m just not sure they’re the right skill set for someone who wants to be governor.”

*”…[the McDonnell controversy] makes Republicans look bad, and it reminds voters that Mr. Cuccinelli has his own Star Scientific problems. As a result of his relationship [with Williams], he encountered a conflict of interest in at least two cases in which he has had to assign to outside firms, which will cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.”


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