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Del. Jennifer McClellan, Rev. Robin Gorsline Condemn EW Jackson’s “offensive,” “hateful rhetoric”


I just got off a call with Delegate Jennifer McClellan and Rev. Doctor Robin Gorsline (President of People of Faith for Equality in Virginia) to discuss EW Jackson’s latest offensive remarks, this time claiming that Democrats are “anti-God.” According to Del. McClellan:

As the daughter of a minister, I know firsthand that EW Jackson’s claim last week that Democrats are anti-God is not only not true, but is downright offensive. To suggest that one party has a monopoly on what is right in the eyes of God is offensive not only to me but to millions of Virginians, both Christians and non-Christians…Mr. Jackson’s comments are irresponsible and I call on him to apologize for them immediately. Virginians of all faiths, of all political affiliations, find these comments destructive to democracy…the Democratic Party is full of people like myself who have focused more on God’s message of love and doing for those who are less fortunate…loving thy neighbor as thyself. His hateful comments go directly against some of the most important teachings of God. Again, he should apologize for it; it’s not constructive in this race, it only serves to divide Virginians more…

According to Rev. Doctor Robin Gorsline:

…how disturbing Bishop Jackson’s comments are…people are involved in all sorts of faiths in our community and our Commonwealth, and those who are not also people of faith. And to have Bishop Jackson continue this rhetoric of dividing those who are on the “good” side and those he wants to cast into outer darkness is not the way to lead or be a responsible leader in our Commonwealth…he’s seeking now to be a leader of our whole people…Christian faith, Jewish faith, other faiths…those of no faith…[Jackson] has to learn how to do that, and he’s not doing that. He’s hurting untold people all across the Commonwealth with those kinds of comments. I believe he owes an apology to those who are not of his particular faith brand who he’s casting out. He owes an apology to those who may have a very different idea of who God is for them. I’m actually a little disturbed that after four days after he made these latest round of remarks…that both of his running mates, Attorney General Cuccinelli and Senator Obenshain, haven’t disavowed these comments, even though the chairman of their party has done so, and I thank him for that…You just don’t go around telling people that they’re not godly people. Well, everybody is God’s child. Every single Virginian, every single American, every single citizen of the world is a child of God. And Bishop Jackson just isn’t getting that. That kind of divisive rhetoric just has no place in a political campaign, it hurts our community…if he would [apologize for his latest remarks] maybe we could  get this campaign to be on a more civil basis talking about real issues and not simply setting up straw people and then knocking them down with hateful rhetoric


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