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Motto Suggestion #FAIL


At first I thought it was kidding. A website called Messaging Matters tells Democrats they need a new motto for 2014. Then a Kos blogger chimed in, citing Messaging Matters idea as well. The message? “They Did Nothing.” Republicans did nothing. Wow! It’s the worst suggestion ever. Let’s hope no one at the DNC DCCC or DSCC ever thinks that it’s a good idea. But, it’s true, you say, so what’s not to like?

First, a negative about the other side does not a motto make. Worse, the fact that Democrats run the Senate and the White House make this obvious House obstruction a bit more complex.

It’s true that the Republicans did nothing in the past four-plus years, worse than nothing, even. They made sure nothing got done by anyone else too. They often engaged in the most vicious, racist campaign to thwart President Obama they could conjure up. And then in a slam to the entire US population depending on the government for everything from roads, public transportation, public safety, Homeland Security, Social Security, and more, they even threatened to shut the government down. Certainly, “they did nothing” can be a rejoinder should the GOP claim any accomplishments. But Democrats need more than this and there are some pretty obvious concepts we could use.

Second, a motto should be a positive statement of our values. Now, I am no messaging expert and I do not pretend to be. But even I can do better than the so-called Messaging Matters. Some rough examples, which I spent only a few minutes on.  A real messaging expert could no doubt do much better and have the “focus group” to discuss it (not that I think focus groups are the best way to run campaigns, but what do I know.

*Security. Equality. Fairness.

*Jobs. Stewardship. Fairness.

*Forward Together

*People above Corporations

*Citizens Really United

*People Matter

*Progress, not Regression

*Constructive Stewardship

*We the People

*Embrace the Future

I am sure you have some better ideas for messaging in just a few words:  What are they?

Finally, I like the idea of websites designed to pitch messaging ideas. Hopefully, Messaging Matters will do better next time.


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