An Idea for Your Local Democratic Committee Too


    Most likely everyone of us here at Blue Virginia has donated to our local Democratic organizations, most often, over and over again.

    Our local (county) Democratic Party has begun monthly pledging. WE plan to make a monthly pledge.  It doesn’t have to be much. In our case, it won’t be. But frankly, I’d rather pledge to rebuild and overcome Republican gerrymandering and restore the vote than give to my local public radio station (which shills for The American Petroleum Institute and the Peterson Institute, etc.)

    If Americans donated even a small amount to our respective parties, we could have a chance to take the parties back from the corporation.  Along the way, there would probably be fewer tax breaks for corporations and the rich. It might ultimately save us from reverse Robin Hood and save us money.  (No wasted defense contracts that even the Pentagon doesn’t want perhaps?)

    Times aren’t easy for many Americans. But for those who can, this might be the surest way to rebuild our Democratic infrastructure.    


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