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Jackson’s Comments Too Extreme for EVEN GOP Leader


From the DPVA…note that Cuccinelli and Obenshain remain silent. Does that mean they agree with EW Jackson's insane, bigoted bull*** that being a Democrat means you're “anti-God?” I don't know, but their silence sure is deafening!

But what about Jackson’s running-mates? 

Richmond, VA – Yesterday the Republican nominee for Lt. Governor E.W. Jackson said during a radio interview that the Democratic Party is “anti-God” and that no one can be a Christian and a Democrat.  The Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia rejected Jackson’s extreme comments. 

“The chairman of the Virginia Republican Party told Salon this afternoon that he disagrees with his party’s nominee for lieutenant governor, E.W. Jackson, who said earlier today that the Democratic Party is ‘anti-God.’ “ [Salon.Com, 8/1/2013]

The leader of the Virginia Republican Party has disavowed Jackson’s comments. Are Ken Cuccinelli and Mark Obenshain going to do the same?

“Extreme comments like this from E.W. Jackson are so over the top that leaders in his own party think they are just out of bounds,” said Ashley Bauman. “Jackson’s rhetoric is not only divisive, but highlights his rigid ideology and demonstrates his unwillingness to reach across the aisle to move Virginia forward. It’s time for his ticket-mates to condemn this reckless rhetoric.“ 


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