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Mark Herring Calls for Investigation into VRS Investment in Star Scientific


From the Mark Herring for AG campaign, I'm really glad somebody is calling for this, as it's utterly outrageous.



Following a July 20th article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch revealing that the Virginia Retirement System invested in Star Scientific, later selling the stock at an $87,000 loss, Democratic nominee for Attorney General Mark Herring today sent a letter to Delegate John O’Bannon and State Senator John Watkins, the Chair and Vice Chair of the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission, requesting an investigation:
“The Star Scientific scandal grows more disturbing by the day and I am asking for this review because Virginians, particularly our state employees and their families, deserve a straight answer as to whether or not the Governor’s, or and Attorney General’s, involvement with Star Scientific affected state policy.  If our system is broken, we need to know so we can fix it,” Herring stated.
In his letter, Herring calls on the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC) to exercise their oversight authority:
“The Virginia Retirement System Oversight Act…makes the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commissions responsible for the continuing oversight of the Virginia Retirement System,” Herring states.  “I ask that you initiate a review…to determine who communicated at all with anyone connected with VRS about this stock, company, or Mr. Williams.”
“The public should know if anyone, anyone at all, from the Governor’s office, or the Governor’s family, ever communicated with the members of the board or the staff about Star Scientific,” Herring continues. “In addition, the public should know if anyone connected with the Attorney General or the Attorney General’s office ever communicated with the VRS board or staff about Star Scientific.”
“Additionally, the Commission should look into whether or not officials at VRS were aware of the promotional efforts of Governor McDonnell and the First Lady on behalf of Star Scientific at, or prior to, consideration of the investment,” Herring states.

To read Herring's letter visit: www.herringforag.com/vrsletter 


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