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Mark Herring: Virginians Deserve Answers from Cuccinelli on Mining Royalties Scandal Emails


From the Mark Herring for AG campaign:

Democratic candidate for Attorney General Mark Herring called for Ken Cuccinelli to fully release emails related to his involvement in the scandal involving his office’s cozy relationship with out-of-state energy companies involved in a dispute with southwest Virginia landowners over unpaid mining royalties.

“At a time when Virginians deserve the truth, Ken Cuccinelli and his office continue to fight to keep the public in the dark about the help they gave to out-of-state gas companies trying to deny Virginians millions in mining royalties," Herring said. “It’s shameful that Ken Cuccinelli aligned with the gas companies to keep their emails out of the public view. And it’s shameful that Cuccinelli would think it’s acceptable for his office to offer legal advice to an out of state company, instead of working on behalf of Virginians.

“It seems every day we have more proof that Ken Cuccinelli is more concerned with sweeping his scandals – whether it’s Star Scientific or this mining royalties scandal – under the rug instead of revealing the truth. It’s shocking that his ticketmate Mark Obenshain sits quietly on the sidelines while Ken Cuccinelli puts the interest of a company that donates to his campaign over the interests of Virginia taxpayers. This is why Virginians are ready for a change in the Office of Attorney General,” Herring added.

Earlier today, the Associated Press reported that Cuccinelli fought to release the emails to prosecutors. The full AP article is below. 


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