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New Video, Website Asks, “HEY KEN: ARE YOU WITH US OR AGAINST US?”


Check out this new ad by Tom Steyer’s NextGen Climate Action Committee. As you can see, that clip of Ken Cuccinelli refusing to answer reporters’ questions about the Inspector General investigating his office is continuing to get a lot of airplay. And for good reason. As the new website, Ken Cuccinelli’s Virginia explains:

An out-of-state oil company, CONSOL Energy, is trying to wriggle out of its commitment to Virginia landowners. And Ken Cuccinelli might be helping them do it.

Thousands of our neighbors in Southwest Virginia are suing CONSOL for nearly $28 million in owed royalties for the natural gas extracted from their land. But now it’s been revealed that Cuccinelli’s office is under investigation for providing CONSOL with legal advice to help it defeat the lawsuit.

If the allegations are true, instead of standing up for Virginians, Cuccinelli’s office is using our public resources and tax dollars to fight against us. Why would Cuccinelli allow that? Could it have something to do with the $100,000 that CONSOL has contributed to his campaign for governor?

Bottom line: Ken Cuccinelli can continue refusing to talk about this, but it isn’t going away. And as the AP’s Bob Lewis put it, this is not going to end well…for Ken Cuccinelli, that is.  

P.S. Don’t forget to sign the petition “demanding that Ken Cuccinelli return the $100,000 in contributions and take disciplinary action against any staff who helped CONSOL Energy.”


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