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Not so “out of the blue” – Cuccinelli solicited $4,500 in gifts


From American Bridge 21st Century:

This morning on the John Fredericks show, Cuccinelli reiterated his refusal to return or reimburse the $18,000 value of the gifts he received from Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams. Running through his excuses, Cuccinelli said the one item of tangible “stuff” he received, $6,000 in food supplements, came “out of the blue.”

You know what didn't come out of the blue? The gifts that Cuccinelli asked for.
A report by Richmond Commonwealth Attorney Michael Herring stated that Cuccinelli “advised investigators that he asked Williams to host his family for the Thanksgiving holiday.” The same report adds, “The Attorney General informed investigators that he asked Williams for use of his vacation property.” 
The gifts Cuccinelli himself admits he solicited from Jonnie Williams are worth a combined $4,500. But Cuccinelli still refuses to pay for them.

John Fredericks: Mr. Attorney General, here's my question. Why not just got to a bank, borrow the $18,000, pay it back and get this issue off the table?

Ken Cuccinelli: Well I'm not in the Governor's category. He got cash, he got loans, he got a watch, got clothes, and I didn't get tangible stuff. I didn't get stuff like that. The one item of stuff I got was totally out of the blue and it was these food supplements and what do you do with that? I just gave it away. 


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