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Texas Pro-Choice Hero Wendy Davis: “Now it’s my turn to return that favor to Virginia’s women.”


Great news, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis – who became nationally famous LITERALLY overnight (and hopefully will become the future governor of Texas, although that will be tough in that still "red" state) for her 10 hour filibuster on June 25 for women's reproductive freedom in the Lone Star State – is fighting against anti-choice (and anti-contraception) fanatic Ken Cuccinelli and for pro-choice Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia governor's race. See her email below.

As I've argued, the most important battles in our country right now are happening at the state level, and the right wing "gets it." The question is, will Democrats focus as intently on taking back state legislatures and governor's mansions across the country as the right wing (ALEC, etc.) have been doing? If not, the horrifying prospect of a Gov. Kookinelli with a Teapublican General Assembly rears its ugly head. Let's make damn sure that never happens.

What happens in Virginia doesn't stay in Virginia.

I'm Wendy Davis. I took a stand earlier this summer and filibustered Rick Perry's dangerous attempt to limit women's access to health care in Texas. If you were one of the thousands who stood with me that night: thank you.

But Rick Perry didn't invent the idea of trying to legislate women's health centers out of existence.

Ken Cuccinelli fought for years to impose medically unnecessary regulations on women's health centers in Virginia. He won that fight and one center has already shut down. Since then similar laws spread to Ohio, to North Carolina, and of course to Texas.

But we can stop this assault on women's access to health care before it goes any further.

Donate $5 to Terry's campaign to defeat Ken Cuccinelli and show his allies that there's a real political cost of taking access to health care away from women.

When I stood up in Texas, I was overwhelmed by the number of people who stood with me.

Concerned Texans packed the gallery that night making it a true people's filibuster.

Tens of thousands of people around the country tweeted, emailed, and amplified our message to keep the fight going.

And hundreds of Virginians dug deep to contribute to our fight in Texas, because they couldn't watch idly while Texas women lost access to health care.

Now it's my turn to return that favor to Virginia's women.

My friend Terry McAuliffe believes women should be able to make their health decisions with their doctor — and without extreme politicians trying to impose their agenda.

Electing Terry sends a powerful message about the strength of women and our allies when we band together.

Donate $5 right now to show Ken Cuccinelli, Rick Perry, and all of their allies scheming to push this kind of legislation that we're only getting stronger.

Your friend and proud ally from Texas,


Senator Wendy Davis
Texas State Senate, District 10



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