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VEA Throws Support to Democratic Candidates


The Virginia Education Association (VEA) has thrown its support to three Democratic candidates for the House of Delegates in Northern Virginia.  Delegate Mark Keam (35th), Marcus Simon who is vying to fill retiring Jim Scott’s seat in the 53th, and Kathleen Murphy who is challenging Barbara Comstock in the 34th are among those receiving accolades.

The most significant of these is the race for the 34th District.  The VEA is well known to support candidates who will work to strengthen public schools.  Despite Comstock’s claims of being Northern Virginia’s “education candidate,” the VEA has instead opted to side with her challenger.

Meg Gruber, president of the VEA, states the organization only supports candidates “…who show that they understand the value of public education and its vital role in the commonwealth.”  By voicing recommendation for Murphy, the VEA appears to dismiss Comstock’s declarations of being a strong education advocate.

Perhaps this is because of her voting record.  During Comstock’s tenure, she has voted against teacher pay raises, against increased funding for public education, and supported efforts to increase teacher to pupil ratios in the classroom.  

Kathleen Murphy has long touted the benefits of public education.  Says Murphy, “Every child in Virginia deserves an education that will allow him or her to compete in the 21st century economy.”  Murphy continued, “I look forward to working with the Virginia Education Association to ensure our teachers have the necessary resources to educate our children.”


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