Video: Ken Cuccinelli Takes the Big Lie to Another Level


    Do Ken Cuccinelli, Chris LaCivita and Company really have THIS little respect for the voters of Virginia’s intelligence?  I mean, seriously, listen to the following bull****, uttered with 100% FALSE sincerity by the guy who’s basically a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Koch brothers, CONSOL Energy, Alpha Natural Resources, Dominion Power, Altria, and other very rich corporations and right wingnut individuals. This is also the guy whose tax plan would devastate education, health care, etc. in order to give a huge tax cut to the wealthiest Virginians. Yet this same guy has the unimitigated gall to say the following?!?

    *”Our tax code should encourage middle class families and small businesses, not reward the powerful and well connected”

    *”Special interests should not get special treatment.”

    My god. This is utterly shameless – the Big Lie taken to its theoretical limit of Big Lyingness. I don’t even know what to say anymore. Of course, this is the same wacko who denies climate science,  who falsely claims there’s a “war on coal,” who thinks LGBT people are “soulless”, who believes women should have no control over their own bodies, who has consistently abused the powers of his office (while wasting a ton of taxpayer money growing his staff, pursuing wild goose hunts, and persecuting UVA Professor Michael Mann), and who has been involved in not one but TWO corruption scandals (Bobby Thompson/fake “Navy Veterans” charity and Jonnie Williams/Star Scientific) since 2009. This is also the guy who tries one minute to distance himself from the utterly insane EW Jackson, then the next minute – when he thinks nobody’s recording what he has to say – pledges undying loyalty to that guy.

    So, no, Ken Cuccinelli has no shame. Nor does he have a scintilla of honesty in his entire body. I mean, seriously, this guy makes pathological liar Willard “Mitt” Romney look like Honest Abe. The only question is, how many Virginian will be fooled by Ken Cuccinelli’s Big Lie on November 5? Hopefully, not many.


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