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Video: Mark Obenshain Dodges Cuccinelli Ethics Question; Mark Herring Takes it Head On


Can Mark Obenshain look any more uncomfortable (pissed, exasperated, tongue-tied, frustrated, etc.) trying to answer a simple question than he does here? Heck, all we need is to make him up like Richard Nixon in his infamous TV debate disaster with John F. Kennedy (the one where Nixon was seen as sweating, tired, shifty, stubbled, etc.) and the image would be complete. Gotta love how Obenshain’s all about political calculation this campaign, while trying to hide his true, extremist political beliefs that he’s held for years. And in this case, trying desperately not to slam the head of his ticket, Ken Cuccinelli, over the $18,000 in gifts he received from slimeball Jonnie Williams. #FAIL

Meanwhile, Mark Herring talks straight, aka “plain English,” that “it takes a lot of moxie for someone like Ken Cuccinelli to be calling for a special session.” Herring adds, “Ken Cuccinelli is just making excuses by saying this is some kind of bell that can’t be unrung.  We know what the fair market value of the gift he failed to disclose and he needs to return them. The public trust is too important.” So true. Yet Mark Obenshain either doesn’t understand that, or can’t bring himself to say it on camera. Surprise surprise: more politics without principle from Cuccinelli’s “clone,” Mark Obenshain.


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