Video: Planned Parenthood Says Virginia Women “Can’t Risk Ken Cuccinelli as Governor”


    From Planned Parenthood of Virginia:

    Richmond, VA – Planned Parenthood Votes and Planned Parenthood Virginia PAC today announced that they will run a layered grassroots outreach effort in the months leading up to Virginia’s gubernatorial election to help keep Ken Cuccinelli out of the governor’s mansion. Volunteers and supporters will reach Virginia voters by phone and at their doors with information about Ken Cuccinelli’s dangerous record and agenda on women’s health. Participants have already knocked over 3,500 doors and plan to knock thousands more over the following months.  

    Planned Parenthood Votes also released an animated web video today called “Our Superpower” that asks supporters to talk to their friends, family and co-workers about how much is at stake for Virginia women’s health and economic security this election.

    “There’s something that Planned Parenthood Votes has that only Planned Parenthood Votes has. It’s kind of like a secret weapon, or a secret superpower that’s key to winning the Virginia governor’s race….

    “Our secret power is you. You and your friends spreading the word about how high the stakes are for women’s health this election and we need your superpower to take on one super challenge to women’s basic health care – Ken Cuccinelli.”

    The video highlights Ken Cuccinelli’s extreme stance on birth control access, on safe and legal abortion, and on funding for preventive care at Planned Parenthood health centers. Polling from the 2012 election shows that an overwhelming majority of women voters trust Planned Parenthood political and advocacy organizations when they speak out about issues affecting the health of women.


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