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Virginia News Headlines: Sunday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, August 25. Also, thank you to Colin Powell for reminding everyone that there is not voter fraud, thus no need for draconian measures to combat the nonexistent “threat.” It’s all an attempt by Republicans to suppress turnout of Democratic voters. Don’t let them get away with these thuggish tactics.

*Reindeer Games (Maureen Dowd, for once, nails it: “It isn’t the president who should leave. It’s the misguided lawmakers trying to drive him out. For some of the rodeo clowns clamoring for impeachment around the country, Barack Obama’s real crime is presiding while black.” Bingo.)

*Thousands march to Mall to mark ‘Dream’ anniversary

*Measuring the impact of the March on Washington (“Some see drop in urgency, say fight for civil rights goes on.” Agreed, the urgency has declined, even as many problems persist…)

*Tensions Rise as U.S. Nears Determination on Syria Attack

*Schapiro: Dogs and cats living together – mass hysteria (“Marcus is on the run from a Republican Party he no longer recognizes…Marcus, a reflexive Republican, said in a written statement he is supporting McAuliffe, a reflexive Democrat, because the candidate is a pragmatic bipartisan.”)

*Cuccinelli airs new TV ad on McDonnell probe

*McAuliffe’s business partners in the spotlight in federal GreenTech inquiry (Still wondering what the “there there” is in this situation.)

*The power of incumbency (“I wouldn’t presume to speak for every member of the Editorial Board, but had I known in 2009 what would happen in 2013 with the transportation compromise, McDonnell might well have ended up with my vote for governor and for The Pilot’s endorsement. Sadly, if this gift scandal turns out the way it appears, I now would’ve rued that decision.”)

*The pull between freedom and safety (“Revelations about a stored data base of Virginia license plates is another reminder that changing technology requires public vigilance.”)

*Norfolk’s schools at the crossroads

*Norfolk cites poor preparation, tougher tests in SOL flop

*D.C. area forecast: Spectacular today, warmer tomorrow

*Zimmermann, Nats thump Royals (“Nearly everyone in the Washington lineup gets a hit in helping Jordan Zimmermann to his 15th victory.”)


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