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Cuccinelli’s “recusal from the Schneider case has cost Virginia’s taxpayers more than $240,000”


From the DNC: 

Today’s settlement in Chef Todd Schneider’s case is another reminder that Ken Cuccinelli’s time as Attorney General has been plagued by poor decisions and scandals. His recusal from the Schneider case has cost Virginia’s taxpayers more than $240,000.


Whether it’s the $18,000 in gifts from Jonnie Williams, the gas royalty case in Southwest Virginia, or having to recuse himself from the chef case because of a conflict of interest, Ken Cuccinelli has consistently shown bad judgment that casts serious doubt about his ability to lead the Commonwealth.

Cuccinelli Recused His Office From Case Against Former Executive Mansion Chef Todd Schneider, Citing A “Conflict Of Interest.”  “This month, Cuccinelli's office requested, and was granted, permission by the court to withdraw from prosecuting the Schneider case… ‘Due to a practical conflict of interest, The Office of the Attorney General has been recused from matters related to the prosecution of the former chef at the Executive Mansion,’ McDonnell spokesman Tucker Martin said in a statement.” [Richmond Times-Dispatch, 5/16/13]

Washington Post: Cuccinelli’s Recusal Appears To Be Attempt To Distance Himself From Jonnie Williams And Star Scientific. The Washington Post reported, “Cuccinelli’s recusal effort seems aimed at helping him make a clean break from all matters related to [Jonnie] Williams and Star [Scientific], a financially troubled company that is the subject of a federal securities investigation and two shareholder lawsuits.” [Washington Post, 4/24/13]

Cuccinelli’s Campaign Claimed His Official Staff “Walled Off” Cuccinelli From The Governor’s Mansion Chef Case For Five Months Due To His Conflict Of Interest With Jonnie Williams.  “Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II’s staff purposely shielded him from allegations of improper behavior by Gov. Robert F. McDonnell for five months last year, knowing the attorney general was friendly with a key donor at the center of those accusations, according to new information released by Cuccinelli’s gubernatorial campaign. Cuccinelli (R) had stayed at the home of Star Scientific Inc. chief executive Jonnie R. Williams Sr. shortly after he took office in 2010, so Cuccinelli’s deputy walled off Cuccinelli from a separate criminal investigation into whether a chef at the governor’s mansion had embezzled food, campaign officials said.” [Washington Post, 7/3/13

The State Of Virginia Racked Up Nearly $250,000 In Legal Fee On The Case Of Chef Schneider After Cuccinelli Recused Himself From The Case And Hired Outside Counsel. “Legal fees are racking up in the now infamous embezzlement case against former Virginia executive mansion chef Todd Schneider. The state has spent almost $250,000 on private counsel to represent state employees in the case…  Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli would normally prosecute Schneider, and represent state employees in their official capacities, but recused himself earlier this year due to the inherent conflict of interest, leading the state to hire outside counsel.” [WVIR-TV, 9/12/13] 

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