Darth Vader, aka Wayne LaPierre, Weighs in for Ken Cuccinelli


    So, the National Republican Rifle Association has slithered out from under its slimy rock and is planning to pour $500,000 worth of ads into Virginia, talking about how lots of big guns (wielded by “good guys,” of course…like George Zimmerman perhaps? NOT!), anytime/anywhere, will make us all safe, warm, fuzzy, etc. Or something. Oh, and also to attack Terry McAuliffe – a gun owner and hunter himself, by the way – as some sort of anti-gun extremist. I mean, the Big Lie is nothing new for Wayne LaPierre and Company (see him posing with Cuccinelli Clone Mark Obenshain here), so we shouldn’t be surprised. But should we be worried about $500k of the NRA’s blood money coming into Virginia to support Crazy Cooch and oppose Terry McAuliffe? Should we be cuing up the Darth Vader/Death Star theme music?

    In short, no – at least not based on the NRA’s pathetic record in 2012. Check it out. That’s right: in 2012, the “NRA Political Victory Fund” achieved almost no victories at all, with an abysmal 0.81% success rate. How bad was that? Put it this way; it was even worse than total and complete LOSER Karl Rove’s 1.29% winning percentage (for American Crossroads). Lame. In stark contrast, Planned Parenthood Votes had a 98.58% success rate; SEIU clocked in at 84.65%; and the League of Conservation Voters at 78.17%. So go for it, NRA, please throw money at Virginia; apparently everything you touch turns to…well, certainly not gold (think more about the stuff you try to avoid while strolling through a cow pasture).

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