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Extremist House Republicans Opt to Shut Down the Government. A Great Conservative Responds.


So, earlier today the extremist nutjobs in the House of Representatives opted for the path of no compromise. I know, it’s shocking isn’t it, coming from Teahadists? In short, their “plan” would “include a one-year delay in the health-care law, which is set to take effect next month.” In other words, a total non-starter, “poison pill,” whatever you want to call it – and they full well know it. So, with that, they’ve basically declared war on America’s economy, on our government, and on our system of government. Remember, what they are trying to do is eviscerate/demolish a law that was duly passed by Congress, duly signed into law and declared constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court, and duly voted on by the American people in the elections of 2012 (when Democrats won the White House, and also won a million more votes than Republicans for the House of Representatives). Plus, the overwhelming majority of Americans say they do NOT want to shut down the government over “Obamacare.” So, Republicans are anti-democratic (small “d”) on all counts.

My response to all this? Very simple. I’ll let one of the greatest leaders ever – a Conservative (capital “C”) no less – explain. 🙂

P.S. Needless to say, Dems need to stay unified. If they do, they can win this. If they don’t…well, what’s that saying about “hanging separately?” (also, “united we stand, divided we fall”)


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