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Mark Herring Calls on Mark Obenshain to Condemn Tea Party Effort to Shut Down Government


From the Mark Herring for Attorney General campaign: 


Shutdown demonstrates ‘politics at its worst’ and reflects the Tea Party’s view of governance


Democratic candidate for Attorney General Mark Herring is calling on his Tea Party opponent Mark Obenshain to condemn the Congressional Republican obstructionism aimed at shutting down the Federal Government.


“The federal government shutdown being pushed by the Tea Party is politics at its worst. The shutdown would have devastating consequences for Virginia’s families and Virginia’s businesses, and Tea Party politicians are continuing to put their political agendas ahead of the country,” said Herring. “I’m calling on my opponent in this race for Attorney General, Senator Obenshain, to join me in condemning the extreme Tea Party faction in the United States Congress that is actively rooting for a shutdown of the Federal government."


Earlier this year, Senator Mark Obenshain was endorsed by the Virginia Tea Party federation. Additionally, one of the Tea Party leaders working to shut down the government – Senator Ted Cruz – was in Virginia recently to campaign for the extreme Republican ticket.


However, Obenshain has yet to condemn their actions that will result in a government shutdown, which would have devastating consequences for Virginia.


“The Tea Party’s actions at the federal level are an example of the type of leadership we can expect from politicians who support their efforts at the state level. Both Ken Cuccinelli and Mark Obenshain have deep ties to the Tea Party and will continue to push extreme agendas here in Virginia. Most notably by trying to ban common forms of birth control,” Herring added.


The House’s most recent bill included a ‘conscience clause’ that would allow employers to opt out of covering basic preventive and contraceptive services for women’s health. Cuccinelli and Obenshain sponsored together the personhood amendment which would have banned certain types of birth control for women in Virginia.


“Obenshain and Cuccinelli have shown they have a similar approach as the Tea Party in Congress. Now they have a chance to show Virginians that that is not how they would lead,” Herring said. “It’s time for them to renounce their Tea Party ties and call on Republicans to put politics aside and avoid a government shutdown.” 


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