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Memo: Unlike Past, Voters Won’t Believe Cuccinelli Debate Performance


From the McAuliffe campaign: 

To: Interested Parties
From: Brennan Bilberry, Communications Director, McAuliffe for Governor
Memo: Unlike Past, Voters Won’t Believe Cuccinelli Debate Performance

Ken Cuccinelli is desperate. After trailing in the polls, being bogged down in two ongoing ethics scandals, and refusing to defend his extreme social agenda, Cuccinelli changed his staff and his tactics just a few weeks ago.

The result has been a return to his roots: Tea Party rallies, over-the-top attacks and a personal belief that his strong debate skills will overcome all the concerns Virginia voters have about him.

Cuccinelli’s supporters at the National Review have pointed out Cuccinelli, “can’t wait to debate Terry McAuliffe.” Cuccinelli’s campaign has repeatedly elevated debates as the one place where they believe they have a decisive advantage.  And Cuccinelli’s past opponents have always underestimated him in debates.

Over the course of numerous debates during five campaigns, Cuccinelli has perfected a performance that is designed to mask an agenda that is far outside the Virginia mainstream. 

While Cuccinelli will certainly deliver that performance again Wednesday, the difference in this election is that voters already know much more about Cuccinelli. Half of voters already view him unfavorably and large numbers are familiar with the specific actions he has taken to restrict women’s rights, demonize gay Virginians and impose his personal agenda on all Virginians.

Even though Wednesday will certainly feature another of Cuccinelli’s characteristic debate performances, this time voters already know the truth about Cuccinelli’s extreme agenda 


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