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National Education Association rolls out TV and digital ad in competitive Virginia gov race


(To this point, Ken Cuccinelli has put out tax and education proposals that would massively DEFUND public education in Virginia – disastrous. In stark contrast, educators are strongly backing Terry McAuliffe, because they know he will fight to improve our public education system, not privatize it, outsource it, or parochialize it. Seriously, anyone who thinks that Ken Cuccinelli is a friend of public education is smoking some serious, serious stuff that would get you suspended from school for a long time! – promoted by lowkell)

Ad featuring teacher puts spotlight on Terry McAuliffe’s vision for education in the Commonwealth

WASHINGTON-NEA and its independent-expenditure political action committee, The NEA Advocacy Fund, today launched a new television and digital ad in the competitive Virginia gubernatorial race. The ad, titled “Unique,” shines a positive spotlight on the public education vision of gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, and the approach he would take if elected governor of the Commonwealth.

“Educators welcome Terry McAuliffe’s vision for public schools, students and educators in Virginia,” said Karen M. White, NEA Political Director. “His bold education plan would invest in and strengthen public education, create outstanding public schools with smaller class sizes, and turn the page on the current one-size-fits-all approach to educating Virginia students.

Kicking off the sprint to Election Day in Virginia is a 30-second spot called “Unique,” in which a teacher talks about how each child is unique and how each student learns differently. Sitting in her classroom with students, the teacher, Precious Crabtree, a Virginia Education Association and NEA member, reminds voters of McAuliffe’s commitment to create outstanding public schools. More than 50,000 NEA/VEA teachers like Ms. Crabtree and other school personnel are working for the betterment of public education in the Commonwealth. Out of respect for our fallen, the NEA Fund will not run the ad on September 11, 2013.  

Scheduled to run for four weeks, this television and digital ad is a significant buy, running in more than two thirds of the state, including the Richmond, Hampton Roads, and Roanoke markets. A second, hard-hitting contrasting ad aimed at setting the record straight about Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s misguided education plan is scheduled to air later in the week. The new ad goes hand-in-hand with the GOTV effort the National Education Association and the Virginia Education Association are deploying in the state, which includes member-to-member communications and a robust digital media presence.

“Election Day in Virginia is eight weeks away,” said White. “Now is the time to get the word out to voters about Terry McAuliffe, a real education champion. Our engagement in this critical race is to make sure voters have the information to make the right decision about education in November.”  


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