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Virginia News Headlines: Monday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, September 30. Also see the video of John Boehner saying a few months ago that “trying to put Obamacare on [the government funding] vehicle risks shutting down the government; that’s not what our goal is.” So much for that!

*Shutdown could be ‘tsunami’ for D.C. (“More than 700,000 federal jobs could be affected by a closure, and the Washington area could lose up to $200 million a day if the zoo, museums and other government-funded attractions are shuttered.”)

*Economists fear fallout from potential shutdown, default (All because Teapublicans are throwing a world-class hissy fit over “Obamacare.” These people are a bad joke.)

*What The Republican ‘Compromise’ Of Delaying Obamacare For A Year Would Do To The Economy

*Texas First Lady Calls Abortion ‘A Woman’s Right’

*Justice Department to sue North Carolina over its voting law

*Government shutdown: John Boehner’s pivotal moment

*Government shutdown could affect Virginia race

*Kaine: Let’s have Obamacare debate – but not now

*Immigration reform not heard in Virginia gubernatorial race

*Lawyers want to use Virginia as same-sex marriage test case

*Virginia’s GOP lieutenant governor candidate, E.W. Jackson, is too extreme (“Mr. Jackson is an embarrassment to the Republican Party, which nominated him in a sparsely attended party convention based on little more than stirring oratory. If elected, he would be an embarrassment to Virginians.”)

*Herring focuses on his opponent’s familiarity (“Herring, the Democratic candidate, is making the case that Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli – now the Republican candidate for governor – has spent his four years in office pursuing a rigidly conservative ideological agenda and that Mark Obenshain, the Republican candidate for attorney general, would do likewise.”)

*Editorial: A win for tolerance (RTD: “To its credit, the Virginia Beach City Council voted 9-1 to approve the mosque. That was the right call, in keeping with the country’s tradition of religious liberty – and a proper rebuke to the small-minded minority who can’t seem to grasp a core American value.”)

*Obenshain a candidate who avoids controversy (Just look at his record and you’ll see that Obenshain votes like EW Jackson talks. He’s also said that crazy Ken Cuccinelli is the Attorney General he’d model himself after.)

*Bay cleanup effort needs farmers’ help

*A sunny week with a taste of summer

*Johnson looks back on ‘fun journey’ as the Nats lose his last game as manager


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