YOU’RE INVITED to support Atif Qarni-Jennifer Boysko-Richard Cabellos-Liz Miller-Monte Johnson


    Over the past four years, Virginians have seen conservative lawmakers fight tooth and nail to pass an extreme agenda that moves the Commonwealth backwards. From attacks on the environment, education and women, Bob McDonnell, Ken Cuccinelli and their friends in the House of Delegates are turning back the clock. That’s why Progressive Majority is proud to endorse progressive champions Atif Qarni, Jennifer Boysko, Richard Cabellos, Liz Miller and Monte Johnson. These candidates have served their communities as public employees, teachers and community leaders. They have long records of helping people in their communities and they need our help to win election this November.

    Please join Progressive Majority for a happy hour, September 25th at 5:30 p.m. at The Science Club in Washington, D.C. to support these terrific progressives.…

    We owe a great debt to these five great candidates because they are challenging some of the most conservative Delegates in the Virginia Assembly. The incumbents they are working to defeat have been strong allies of Bob McDonnell and Ken Cuccinelli in their efforts to block progress in Virginia. Individually, and at times together, they have led the charge to ban marriage equality in Virginia, to make Virginia unwelcome for immigrants, and to restrict the right to vote for minorities, young voters and the elderly.

    Virginians deserve better than far right conservatives who turn back the clock.  They deserve progressive champions like Atif, Jennifer, Richard, Liz and Monte. I hope you will join us on September 25th to support these great candidates and help them get to Richmond this November.…


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