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Cuccinelli Pops a U-Turn on Bi-County Parkway


From the DPVA:

Last month Ken Cuccinelli told a forum audience that he “supports the concept” of the Bi-County Parkway, that he “approved of the idea in theory,” and that he “thinks a connecting road is needed.” 

Now, down in the polls and struggling to change the subject from his extreme agenda, ethics scandals and refusal to condemn the Tea Party shutdown, Cuccinelli has announced his plan to speak at an “anti Bi-County Parkway Rally” this Saturday. Cuccinelli won't say whether he's had a full change of heart on the issue yet, but it's clear that Virginians can expect more purely political efforts to boost his lagging campaign over the next 5 weeks. 

Cuccinelli “Supports Concept” of Bi-County Parkway

In August 2013, WAMU reported, “Republican Ken Cuccinelli says he supports the concept of a new highway connecting the two counties, but is not happy with a proposed deal with the National Park Service. “We cannot be closing down major arteries as part of the trade off to expand transportation access in Northern Virginia,” Cuccinelli said. “We need to be opening more arteries, not closing them.'” [WAMU, 8/9/13

Manassas Patch: Cuccinelli Said he “Approved of the Idea in Theory but Had Quibbles with Some of the Specifics” 

In August 2013, the Manassas Patch reported, “Cucinelli took a much firmer position on the project, saying he approved the idea in theory, but had quibbles with some of the specifics. “I believe a significant connector there must take place,” he said. “But I’ll tell you that I’m appalled at the notion that closing roads is part of the trade off.'” [Manassas Patch, 8/10/13

Inside Nova: Cuccinelli Said “He Thinks a Connecting Road is Needed” 

In August 2013, InsideNova reported, “Some of the biggest reactions from the crowd of business leaders who filled the auditorium came when the candidates were asked about their position on the Bi-County Parkway, a controversial road proposed to connect western Prince William County to Loudoun County. Cuccinelli said he thinks a connecting road is needed, but drew applause from the audience when he said that he would not support a plan that would include closing Va. 234 and U.S. 29 in the Manassas National Battlefield Park.” [Inside Nova, 8/9/13 


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