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Cuccinelli’s Extreme Contributors #2: “Father’s Rights” Activist Who Compared Divorce to Slavery


Yesterday, I posted part 1 of a series on recent extremist and/or crazy donors to Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign. That one was about Philip Zodhiates of “Response Unlimited,” which offers direct mail lists by white supremacists, vigilantes, anti-Semites, and other fine folks.

Today, we turn our focus to one Ronald K. Henry, who donated $1,000 to Cuccinelli on 9/24/13 (and $1,200 to date). Who is Ronald K. Henry, you ask? Here are a few “highlights” to give you an idea:

*He is a so-called fathers’-rights activist.” According to this article in the Huffington Post, the “fathers’ rights” movement – to which Ken Cuccinelli has close ties, “contends that men are frequently the victims of false domestic violence accusations, and its activists have lobbied against no-fault divorce, which allows a woman to divorce her spouse without having to prove adultery or physical abuse.” The article also notes that “Cuccinelli offered two bills as a state senator in line with the movement’s objectives: one that would have prevented a parent from obtaining a no-fault divorce if the other parent objects, and another that would have encouraged judges to penalize a woman who asked for a no-fault divorce in custody and visitation battles.” Lovely, eh?

*Henry wrote that Men suffer slave-era cruelties. and about DIVORCE REFORM AND THE FATHER’S MOVEMENT:

The rise of divorce as a mass phenomenon created a new social category — the “thrown-away” or “driven-away” father. For the first time in history outside the institution of slavery, large numbers of fit, loving parents were involuntarily separated from their children by force of law.

*Henry called child support in the United States “an obvious sham,” a “disaster,” and “the most onerous form of debt collection practiced in the United States.”

*He called a woman a “cuckold” (didn’t this word go out of fashion in the 1800s or so?), and asserted, “We live in odd times now that what used to be a matter of shame for a woman is now used to win money for child support.”

Well, alrighty then. Hmmm. Yeah, I’m kinda speechless at this point.

Anyway, this guy is a donor to/strong supporter of Ken Cuccinelli’s. Also worth noting, he has donated 100% of his Virginia political contributions over the years to Republicans, including House of Delegates candidate Dave LaRock and Del. Barbara Comstock. He’s also given thousands of dollars to Republicans at the federal level. Shocker, huh?

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