Republican…er, Richmond Times Dispatch Absolutely RIPS Cuccinelli, Endorses Nobody for Gov


    Before we provide the highlights from today’s Republican…er, Richmond Times Dispatch non-endorsement for governor, let’s just put it in context by listing a few candidates this newspaper has endorsed in recent years.

    *George Allen for U.S. Senate (over Tim Kaine in 2012)

    *Mitt Romney for President (over Barack Obama in 2012)

    *McCain/Palin for President/Vice President (over Obama/Biden in 2008)

    *Bob McDonnell for Governor (over Creigh Deeds in 2009)

    *Bill Bolling for Lt. Governor (over Jody Wagner in 2009)

    Getting the picture? Yes, this paper has been strongly pro-Republican for years, even when the Republican candidates are not particularly moderate (to put it mildly). Yet this year, they are so utterly disgusted with Ken Cuccinelli, they’re not endorsing anyone for governor. Why not? Here’s the Republican…er, Richmond Times Dispatch.

    Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli rigged the process for the Republican nomination when his minions changed the system from a primary to a convention, which they considered more likely to produce their desired outcome. The switch mocked Cuccinelli’s advertised fealty to first principles. The expression of raw power would have delighted sachems of Tammany Hall. Virginia does not welcome an in-your-face governor.


    On social issues such as abortion and homosexual rights, Cuccinelli not only takes stands we find objectionable but pursues his divisive agenda with a stridency that was unbecoming in an attorney general and would be unbecoming in a governor. We do not support abortion for any reason at any time and have embraced bans on late-term abortions, for instance; we remain troubled by Cuccinelli’s approach to personhood and to regulations on clinics. Questions involving abortion will be resolved not by government policy but by

    transformation of the human heart.

    Cuccinelli’s hostility to marriage equality offends. The rights applying to human beings by definition apply to homosexuals. The concerns relating to Cuccinelli do not relate to McAuliffe and Sarvis.

    We disagree with Cuccinelli’s opposition to Gov. Bob McDonnell’s transportation package. McAuliffe scores points here…

    Other than that, great candidate huh? (note that they don’t even mention Cuccinelli’s corruption, from Bobby Thompson to Jonnie Williams to CONSOL Energy to…) Not according to this strongly Republican-leaning newspaper, anyway.

    P.S. In other news, the RTD endorsed Ralph Northam over E.W. Jackson. Seriously, nobody in their right mind would vote for E.W. Jackson. The guy’s a corrupt, extremist, tinfoil-hat nutjob, and those are his better qualities! LOL

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