The Street’s State Secrets


    The Invasion of the government snatchers…

    Follow secret Wall Streets of diamonds, black gold and textile Green sweated out of forced cheap labor in China and Vietnam, to see what Stutzman (R-Indiana) and GOP get out of it:  Neugebauer (R-Texas) projecting his shame on unpaid park ranger; Lee (R-Utah) and Ellmers (R-NC) not missing government because, not missing government salaries.

    No one will notice government is closed, is glib, arrogant and insulting talking point.  Yet accepting Citizen’s United, devastated true governing under avalanche of marketing billions injected into our political system:  insuring both national division and corporate international dominance.    

    To survive Sequester, Shutdown and Debt Ceiling by Congressional Tea vs. We the reasoning People, we need identify, understand and dissolve the hovering political fog threatening international economy, American morality and life on earth as we know it.  

    Drowned out by Media decibels and corporate devices, we are deaf to The Street’s Shutdown secrets — Hidden in treaties, commissions, and sub-committees — ensconced between national governments and international conglomerates, festers the real enemies of the people:  secrets… C. O.G, the secret underbelly of COOP, Continuity of Operations of Government:  spawned from Cold War pragmatism, nurtured by Private Contractors commercialism and delivered into the Fast Tracking embrace of Trans Pacific Partnership.

    What if government Shutdown masks a secret agenda of diminishing American International influence, global relations, and exceptional Justice for All reputation?

    A day-in-the-life of Americans has been evolved into a TV prime-time crime drama filled with gun violence desensitizing us to car chases through American shutdown streets of America’s shutdown capital city, from Obamacare White House to Shut-downers’ Capitol Building, where paid Shut it Down puppets (plotting interrupted), scurry to hide – confident, like The Street’s Banks, that unpaid first responders and taxpayers remain their safely net.

    We’ve been cast as both characters and audience in a mesmerizing Who-Dun-It, and the season finale is, The Corporate Takeover of America. So stay tuned for The Global Empire of The Military Industrial Complex.

    Coming Attractions:  Trans Pacific Partnership — Neither America the Beautiful, nor Exceptional, but, the road most travelled…

    1)   Return of The Gilded Age:  Robber Barons suppressing exceptionally poor

    2)   Post WWII:  Marshall Plan abuse by corporate discovery of profit in global war

    3)   Eisenhower:  Cold War rebirth & Military Industrial Complex feeding frenzy

    4)   Dallas and its State of Uninsured

    5)   2008 Wall Street meltdown:  greed failure rewarded

    All (Conservatives and Liberals) are sequestered by the 50 year (FDR’s death — Cheney “so”) plan.

    Enable President Obama to expose the secret traps in currency manipulation and provide Americans with meaningful currency provisions in all our trade agreements, especially when it comes to TPP (The Trans-Pacific Partnership) negotiations.  Why?

    Who benefits most from family fears, unstable cities and Main Street chaos?

    When 72% of Americans are against something, who’s 28% pro, and why?

    Who benefits most from loss of American international influence and stability?

    Who needs an ineffective (gridlocked) government?

    Who succeeds most with a stale-mated Obama?

    Who wins when political puppets and district gerrymandered constituents lock horns in battle unable to disengage from refusal to listen to reason?

    Who exactly is borne free when SEC, EPA, IRS, FEMA and are Shutdown, while TPP is fast tracked?

    Prostitutes in hand, The Street money is boozing away our ability to compete in the international arena.  Why?

    Corporate money has always been deposited in both Conservative and Liberal pockets – and We the People are being played left and right

    If enough of the 99% still thinks enough of the 1% cares, enough, about right and wrong or Right and Left, we’re already over sold and under bid.

    Stop paying attention – Stop caring – Stop Advocating = Stopped America.  


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