What Lessons Learned?


    What Lessons Learned?

    What discoveries has the turn of the 21st century revealed to us?  After 2008 or nine months in 2013?  What have we learned since October first?  And from whom have we chosen to learn?

    Keep in mind, for a mind to engage in learning, it must be open as wide as possible to all that is possible, and, listen.

    Now with the vast starry universe full of mysterious miracles above us, Mother Earth and all that lives upon it at our feet, and a whispering world swirling all around us, what lessons have we won to hold close, forever?

    Have we learned that those who curse government to a size enabling it to be drowned in a bathtub, are not seat of learning for Government of, by and for the people?

    Yet, a few Points of Right have taught us that the power of We the People to rise up and say, ‘Enough with the Nonsense, Grow up and do your job:  Honor our Troops with paychecks, Fund Head Start and open the Zoo,’ are more powerful than any tea party throwing America overboard from their Ship of Denial, sailing down river, navigating on a misguided Ted Cruz.

    Have we learned enough from The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune that accompanies voting against, first America’s, then second, your best interest?  Do you now get the necessary connection between Americans and the rest of the world, as much psychological trust as financial, and more personal relationships than military empire?

    Surely we’ve learned that Newark is no more surrounded by a river of dead bodies, than Brewer’s Arizona dessert is of severed heads.  However, if tag team Lonegan & Palin paint Jersey Senate race racial, defeating anti-gun violence Mayor Booker, what have we learned?

    Did we learn expired Farm Bill was for all who eat, not just farmers;  Redskins — as have the demented medical terms once used to label patients with mental disorders — like all racial slurs, once historically accepted, have in overtime proven, it’s time for a Time Out.

    Perhaps we’ve learned that saving the world from Chemical weapons and, Educating Everyone, are the brother and sister of World Peace.

    Not win or lose, but elected officials can’t play games.  When 75% of We The People speak our open-mindedness, the rights of the 25% to speak theirs is protected, but not allowed to devastate the reasons America is the single most trusted economic shot heard round the world, as long as U. S. Savings Bonds and U. S. Treasury Bonds remain the sweetest and safest deal, providing global peace of mind.

    Now for graduates:  the family budget of 99% of Americans has almost nothing in common with how the budget of U. S Government works (using deficit for forty-five years out of the last half century); or as Presidents Kennedy and Reagan might have put it, deficit and expenditures are like Left and Right brain – both needed to work together for our success, but both (deficit and expenditure) not meant to control one another, and both (Left & Right) not meant to be a divided brain against itself.

    The best lesson of all?  Learning the value of all those who protect children of all ages, with education.

    We’re learning all the time, whether in classrooms, family rooms, street corners or Congressional back rooms.  The lessons that change a mind, a life, a world are everywhere.  To learn best about government, Wall Street or America, don’t ask a politician, ask life’s first responders:  teachers, social workers, single parents, civil servants, receptionists, firemen, police….

    Thus ends the lesson, but the greatest of these:  listen to life saving teachers and avoid Tea stained cliffs.


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