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New Polling Data Shows Virginians On Board with Addressing Climate Change


From Rep. Jim Moran's office:


Washington, DC – Congressman Jim Moran, Northern Virginia Democrat, participated in the release of new data showing a broad consensus on climate change and policies to cut greenhouse gas emission prepared by Stanford University Professor Jon Krosnick. 


“House Republicans are keeping their heads in the sand on this issue, but the citizens of Virginia know better,” said Rep. Moran. 


“We know that increasing concentrations of greenhouse gas were not caused by natural factors. We know that the severe temperatures and extreme weather events of recent years fit the predictive pattern of global climate change,” Rep Moran continued.  “And Virginians know the solution, it’s time for my colleagues to understand this reality and get on board with the need to address global climate change.”


The data shows that a majority of people in Virginia recognize the reality of climate change and the need to take urgent action – 81% of Virginians believe that climate change is occurring, and 76% believe it will pose a serious problem for the United States. 


In addition:


• 59% believe that the federal government should do more to address the warming climate;

• 63% believe that the United States should take action to address climate change regardless of whether other countries do;

• 81% support action to cut greenhouse gas emissions from power plants; and

• 79% favor a national cap-and-trade program to limit carbon pollution.


A fact sheet detailing all of the state findings as well as the survey questions is available at: http://goo.gl/QmzgBE


Rep. Moran is a member of the Safe Climate Caucus, a group of 23 lawmakers dedicated to fighting climate change and urging Congress to craft a strategy to avoid its catastrophic consequences.  


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