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Video: Rep. Connolly Demolishes Yet Another Screwed-Up Story by CBS


Is there a worse “news” network on the boob tube than CBS? Well, yeah, there’s Faux “News.” And I guess it’s a tough call with the abysmal CNN out there. But between CBS’ con job (also a hit job) on Benghazi, and now its latest dreck regarding supposedly “limitless” security risks on Healthcare.gov (FALSE!), I’d have to say that CBS is very much in the running with Faux and CNN for worst “news” network on the U.S. airwaves.

To consume [CBS News reporter Sharyl] Attkisson’s story is to freak out about HealthCare.gov. The scoop here is that Henry Chao, Healthcare.gov’s chief project manager at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), somehow didn’t know about a Sept. 3 memo warning of issues on that troubled government Web site…


In a hearing of the House oversight and government reform committee today, Attkisson’s story received something of a public fact-check. Rep. Gerald Connolly, apparently rankled by the CBS News piece, launched a series of pointed questions at Chao. The short take from the exchange is this: The CBS News report looks completely misleading.

Yep, Walter Cronkite’s got to be writhing around in his grave, watching this once proud network flush its credibility and reputation down the toilet bowl.

P.S. Great job by Rep. Connolly in guiding us, step by step, into how this FUBAR “story” was pulled off. Now, the question is, what was CBS’ motive? Are they so desperate for eyeballs that they’ve decided to go Full Fox on us?


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