Veterans: The Tie That Binds Our Nation


    While each of us must accept the responsibility of our behavior: indifference to gun violence, hate crimes, racial/sexual prejudice and elections, we must also recognize, identity and hold accountable the real enemies of our nation’s health, well-being, political process and un-accept corporate justification overkill for military and industry over killing for profit.

    I don’t worship at the altar of Obama, but if you can’t see how nauseatingly obvious the corporate media cronies couch him, and the Affordable Care Act, for increased ratings, public confusion and private entertainment, then you probably can’t hear them laughing all the way to their bunkered bankster buddies, proving:  zealots committed to Corporate America know more about what motivates the healthcare industry of Pharmaceutical and Insurance companies, than do the suddenly stormed into the valley of the homeless, expecting a makeover miracle from straight talking forked tongue, atop Mount Anti-Same Sex Marriage, who chocked off fifteen million in Sandy relief, until flaming boardwalk erupted him into the new Moses of the moment.

    It’s essential to know the players, for the positions they play in boardrooms, backrooms, battlegrounds, sports fields and governor’s mansions, ooze the lava of self-serving deception, using our past glory to corrupt our present, for future corrosion.

    Capitalizing on American insistence on having cake and eating it too, Health insurance companies, traditionally profit, gambling you won’t need a hospital before they can drop you.  With new ACA closing loopholes, their race is on to un-insure new poor before Obama deadline.

    With remote in hand indifference, short-sighted consumerism, and the constant hunt for something for nothing, we allow the maggots of empire to gnaw away at what we claim to hold so dear.  Know these truths:  Presidents don’t cancel insurance policies, insurance companies do (pause), and nothing continues self-evident, without informed, civic minded civil citizens keeping it so.

    When political plagiarists who can’t even spell plagiarism stain our Revolutionary tea tradition; when Issa’s falsies, scandals inflame; when we Cruz through pre-Dallas 1963 hate rhetoric in 2013 – not only have the inmates taken over the asylum, but corporate owned financial, media and political institutions have cast us as the stooges.

    There are no special easements for gridiron dog fighting, raping minors or using the n-word; no pardons for government, Murdock papers or Paparazzi spying us to death; no enemy more dangerous than donned white hoods replaced by draped Old Glory, waving in congregation, conveniently edited Bibles.

    The pretenders to the throne, now bargain with warring Keepers of the Parties, and we’re the chips.  Device focused we’re blinded still by investigative reporting MIA; clinging to the words on the parchment, while corporate brands band together, like Trans-Pacific Partnership, using the fog of time to disconnect our connection with Constitutional intent and Declared ideals.

    To all those who serve, explaining healthcare to those who need it affordable, or murdered in our schools, or dying in war games, too many of us have been used by the powers who hold the power over the powers that be.  Corporations take-over our country and lives, by talking over our voices and votes.

    Not since World War II has America’s reasons for sacrificing life, limbs and mental health of our youth, been as honorable as Valley Forge, Key’s Baltimore harbor or saving the Union.  Pawns on the corporate chess board, our loved ones are sacrificed.

    No, it didn’t start with pre-emptive strikes into indiscriminate oil greed by the Bush-Cheney administration.  Though the Wolfowitz gang proved to be as blatant in warmongering as the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute and its guest burning Bush is unrepentant, Citizens United started the first time the first voter voted against the very First Amendment our Founding Fathers prescribed.

    Bottom Line:  prevent sacrificing our youth for corporate gain – That’s, honoring our troops.


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