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“Independent” Arlington County Board Candidate Donated to Far-Right-Wing Nebraska GOP


As you may know, Republican donor John Vihstadt is running for the Arlington County Board as an “independent” candidate. Among others (McCain-Palin 2008, Romney-Ryan 2012) whom Vihstadt has donated to over the years is the Nebraska Republican Party (to which he’s given nearly $2,000). I thought it would be interesting to see what the Nebraska Republican Party (and presumably Vihstadt) believes on issues many of us care about here in Arlington. A few jumped out at me (source: Nebraska Republican Party website).

*Climate science denial/inaction: “We oppose actions by the Congress that would increase the cost of energy to U.S. consumers in the absence of clear proof that the current climate has been substantially changed by the activities of man and that any proposed solutions would be cost-effective.”

*Anti-Environmental Protection: “We support streamlining the environmental regulatory system, providing the protection of the environment while still encouraging business profitability and responsible growth. Scientifically sound solutions to environmental problems must be sought through the free market system…Such policies as those concerning wetlands and endangered species must be balanced between environmental and economic concerns and should not threaten individual property rights.”

*Anti-LGBT Equality, Anti-“No-Fault Divorce”: “The NEBRASKA REPUBLICAN PARTY affirms the traditional, marriage-based family as the natural and indispensable institution for human development…We believe no-fault divorce should be limited to situations in which the couple has no children of the marriage. We believe the institution of marriage is crucial to the American family and that marriage should be defined as the legal union of one man and one woman, and we support a Federal Constitutional amendment to that effect.”

*Anti-Government, Anti-Middle-Class, Pro-Rich: “The NEBRASKA REPUBLICAN PARTY believes less government is preferred…Where appropriate, the private sector should be favored over the public sector…We encourage our Congress to reduce the size of federal government…we urge the repeal of the federal estate tax. To encourage capital accumulation, we urge the repeal of the capital gains tax…”

*Anti-Universal Health Care: “We oppose any attempt to socialize or nationalize the American health care system. We favor a tax policy that enhances the ability of individuals to purchase the health care of their choice.”

*Anti-Choice, Pro-“Personhood”: “We believe that life begins at conception, and that all innocent human life is precious and should be protected. We support the reversal of Roe vs. Wade and an amendment to the United States Constitution banning abortions except those genuinely needed to save the life of the mother…We oppose using public revenues for abortion, and our Party will not fund organizations that advocate it. We oppose the introduction, testing or use of abortifacients.” (also note that belief that life begins at conception means outlawing embryonic stem cell research and many common forms of contraception)

*Anti-Immigrant: “We oppose taxpayer funded benefits to those who have broken our immigration laws, such as taxpayer subsidized in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, and encourage the Legislature to repeal such laws…The NEBRASKA REPUBLICAN PARTY supports a Constitutional amendment and legislation establishing English as the official language of the United States.”

*Against Separation of Church and State in Schools: “We believe moral training based on principles established by God, under whom we profess to be a nation, should be returned to its proper and traditional place in the public schools.”

Do (deep-blue Democratic) Arlington County voters agree with any of this right-wing garbage? We’re going to find out in early April 2014.

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