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Photos from 2009 Public Advocate stunt show Eugene Delgaudio with his new extremist board appointee


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Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. We don’t yet know how many words Sterling supervisor Eugene Delgaudio will emit claiming that he didn’t know “much of anything” about Andrew Beacham, his nominee for Loudoun County’s Library Board – but we do know that they will be arranged into falsehoods.

According to Chairman York, who apparently agreed to nominate Beacham “on behalf of” his Sterling colleague (how does he manage to get himself into these predicaments?), “the information provided on Beacham was not very detailed. Beacham’s four-paragraph resume only said he had ‘worked in the field of media production and broadcasting over the last 4 years.'”

In fact, Beacham’s “work” includes publicly defacing the Koran “in support of Florida pastor Terry Jones” and other political theater acts with fringe anti-abortion extremist Randall Terry. He is active with nativist and anti-government groups in Loudoun, and calls himself a “full-time Pro-Life missionary and activist for Christian policies in government” while declaring that “the only good progressive is a dead progressive.”

Beacham did not move to Sterling by coincidence.

Below is a photo from the 2009 protest at Wakefield High School, mentioned by Tom Jackman in the article linked above. What Jackman’s article doesn’t say is that this tiny protest, entitled “Mr. President, Stay Away From Our Kids!” was the creation of Mr. Delgaudio’s hate group Public Advocate. Given what we have since learned about the operations of Mr. Delgaudio’s county office, it’s probable that Loudoun County resources in one form or another were involved in its creation.


That’s Andrew Beacham holding the Gadsden flag. In the next photo, there’s Beacham again on the right, and Mr. Delgaudio being interviewed right next to him, in a group with another Gadsden flag. The entire protest – which was really just a media stunt – was comprised of no more than eight people. Again, this was in 2009. Delgaudio and Beacham are active in the same circles and engaged in the same kind of political activity. Delgaudio may even have been training Beacham; in fact, it’s likely. That sort of training is what Delgaudio has done since he was Executive Director, and later served on the board, of “Young Americans for Freedom/Young America’s Foundation.” Other things they’ve being doing together will no doubt come to light.


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