Reduce your carbon footprint AND benefit the Virginia Sierra Club at the same time!


    As demonstrated in this video, it turns out to be really easy to make one’s electric hot water heater do double duty as storage for the electric grid as well as providing hot water for one’s family!

    It’s the ingenious Mosaic controller that does all the work. The environment and the Sierra Club can stand back and collect all the benefits. How great is that?!

    The benefits are big:

    1.    A $ finders fee awarded to the Virginia Chapter for every Mosaic controller installed.

    2.    A $ rebate awarded back to the Virginia Chapter should you elect that option on the 1 year anniversary on its installation.

    3.    Last but not least… carbon emissions are reduced by as much as 1.5 tons per year for EACH water heater installed!

    As Greg Vaudreuil, Chief Technology Officer with Mosaic Power explains, the controller makes the electric grid power your hot water heater more efficiently by powering it on and off as the larger electric grid has excesses or deficiencies of power. This powering on and off will not change your electric bills, but instead it saves tremendously on the “electric bill” of the larger electric grid.  By demand-shifting, the grid operator doesn’t have to fire up less efficient, more high-emissions peaker plants as often – thus saving carbon emissions.

    This is a pilot program only available for the time being to NORTHERN VIRGINIA RESIDENTS ONLY!

    We need 100 enrolled in the Mosaic program before installations can begin.  We are currently 1/2 of the way there. Click here to sign up TODAY and let’s start saving some serious carbon emissions and bringing some serious cash to the Virginia Chapter Sierra Club.


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