So – – – call the U.S. Attorney’s office and leave a message


    This is too good to pass up.

    In lowkell’s summary of Virginia headlines for Sunday, 19 January, is this gem:…

    Former Virginia governor Robert F. McDonnell asked the top Democrat in the state Senate and the speaker of the House of Delegates to call the U.S. Attorney’s Office last week to attest to his character, the senator and a spokesman for the speaker said Saturday.

    Sen. Richard L. Saslaw (Fairfax) said he and House Speaker William J. Howell (R-Stafford) placed the call together, leaving a message. Howell later received a call indicating that the U.S. attorney had declined their offer.

    “I didn’t see it as a big deal. He called up and asked if I would do it, and I did,” Saslaw said. “He’s not a criminal. He just is not.”

    Saslaw said that he has “served with some guys a lot shadier than Bob McDonnell” who did not face similar investigations and that he is concerned that the investigation has dragged on too long, leading him to wonder if it is a fishing expedition.

    Let’s see if I understand this:  Governor Rolex Bob asked his pals in the General Assembly to call the U.S. Attorney and swear that ol’ Bob is not a crook.

    Wonder what would happen if a few hundred Virginians called the same U. S. Attorney and told him our governor really is a crook and the two guys who called last week are almost as bad?!?!?!

    U. S. Attorney’s Office for Eastern Virginia

    Alexandria:  (703) 299-3700    

    Newport News: (757) 591-4000    

    Norfolk:  (757) 441-6331    

    Richmond: (804) 819-5400

    Heh, heh!!!!


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