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Virginia News Headlines: Monday Morning


Here are a few Virginia and national news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, January 27. By the way, I only have one comment for the “draft resolution of impeachment against Mark Herring”: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

*Krugman: Paranoia of the Plutocrats (“You may say that this is just one crazy guy and wonder why The Journal would publish such a thing. But Mr. Perkins isn’t that much of an outlier. He isn’t even the first finance titan to compare advocates of progressive taxation to Nazis.”)

*Rand Paul says ‘women are winning’ the war on women, blasts Bill Clinton as predator (Rand Paul continues to be a nutcase, just like his father.)

*Mitch McConnell: It’s ‘Irresponsible’ Not To Try To Hold The Debt Ceiling Hostage (Anyone who votes Republican is responsible for this crap.)

*Ezra Klein Is Joining Vox Media as Web Journalism Asserts Itself (Fascinating.)

*The president and the post-Obama era (“President Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday is about more than the final three years of his presidency. Its purpose should be to influence the next decade of American political life and begin shaping the post-Obama era.”)

*Mr. Herring’s strategy (“Extraordinary circumstances allow the Va. attorney general to contest his state on gay marriage.”)

*Judge poised to rule on Va. same-sex marriage ban (“A federal judge appears ready to rule on the constitutionality of Virginia’s same-sex marriage ban in the wake of Attorney General Mark Herring’s announcement that he will not defend it.”)

*Deeds on ’60 Minutes:’ tragedy must prompt change

*U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine: Put limits on terror war declaration (“The Democrat said a congressional vote three days after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks authorizing U.S. force against any al-Qaida affiliate needs to be re-examined.”)

*Don Beyer will enter race for Jim Moran’s congressional seat (“The former Va. lieutenant governor’s entry, expected this week, adds drama and money to the contest.”)

*Conservation, not fracking (“The Virginia Outdoors Foundation should make it clear that fracking for oil and gas isn’t compatible with safeguarding Virginia’s environment.”)

*GOP Senate hopeful Ed Gillespie takes aim at taxes, gay marriage

*Ed Gillespie – A challenger with an exhaustive political resume (I look forward to hearing Republicans launch the same attacks against long-time party operative Gillespie as they did against long-time party operative Terry McAuliffe. Suuuure.)

*Recount to begin today in 6th District Senate race

*Activists plan Richmond march on climate change

*Tunnel tolls mean lifestyle changes for some drivers

*Arlington County Special Election: Caucus This Week, Candidate Q&A and More

*Punishing push of polar air tonight with a chance of snow on Wednesday (“The fourth fierce blast of arctic air this month crashes into the region by tonight.”)

  • From his Facebook page:

    I am announcing my candidacy today to succeed Congressman Jim Moran in the House of Representatives. He casts a long shadow on the civic and legislative landscape of Northern Virginia, and his ability to make things happen – and his seniority on key committees important to our region and Commonwealth – cannot be replaced. Having worked on Congressman Moran’s first campaign for Congress in 1990, and been part of his team for the last 24 years, I look forward to bringing my years of experience at the local, state, and federal level to Washington.


    Republicans kill common-sense, life saving reform

    RICHMOND, VA – This morning, after hearing testimony from veterans, anti-gun violence experts, and victims of gun violence, the Senate Committee on Courts of Justice voted to reject SB 520, a bill that would have effectively created universal background checks for gun sales in Virginia.

    The vote was 6-9, with all Republicans opposed.

    SB520, introduced by Senator A. Donald McEachin (D-Henrico), would have imposed criminal penalties on those who avoid the need for a background check by selling or transferring firearms to someone who is not a licensed dealer. Exceptions would have been made for family members and in certain other circumstances.

    The measure is overwhelmingly popular, as polls consistently show that 80% to 90% of Americans support mandatory background checks for gun purchasers. A similar law recently passed in Colorado already prevented 122 prohibited gun purchases because of the outcome of a background check.

    Of the bill’s failure, Senator McEachin said, “Background checks are the simplest thing that we can do to keep guns away from those who would abuse them. This life-saving reform enjoys overwhelming public support, even among gun owners. I am disappointed that my colleagues chose to reject this common-sense safety measure.”

    Democratic Leader Senator Dick Saslaw (D – Fairfax) said, “For years, licensed dealer background checks have kept guns out of the hands of felons and the mentally ill. This bill wouldn’t take away anyone’s gun, or anyone’s legitimate right to own one. Background checks work, and they protect everyone from the potential dangers of gun violence.”