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Another Republican Wants Big Government to Block New Wind Energy Business


Hey look, another Republican who wants more big government regulation to protect polluting special interests! Kristi Swartz of E&E News reports this time it’s an anti-wind state senator in Alabama:

Industry and federal government officials say advances in turbine technology could transform wind development in the Southeast, adding another renewable fuel option to an area once dominated by coal. But as outside developers are eyeing places to build taller towers and longer blades, emerging lawsuits and legislation could drive them away. […]

“As a conservative Republican, I am typically for less regulation, but I also recognize that the absence of regulation can create anarchy,” [State Sen. Phil] Williams [R-AL] said.

Just last month, the Virginia state senate narrowly defeated a bill by Sen. Tom Garrett (R-Louisa) to put up new hurdles to wind energy in Virginia was narrowly defeated.

Again: Republicans aren’t pro-business, or anti-government, anti-regulation, or anti-subsidies. Some have principles, sure. But many support what their big business patrons want them to support, and are willing to do whatever it takes to stop clean energy from infringing the slightest bit on their supporters’ government-protected polluting monopoly.


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