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Barbara Comstock and “Sideshow Bob” Marshall: Is There Any Substantive Difference?


Sane Virginia Republicans know that our old friend Del. “Sideshow Bob” Marshall (R-Insanity) would be an absolute disaster if 10th CD Republicans were stupid/crazy enough to nominate him for Congress. For instance, Brian Schoeneman has a superb takedown of Marshall, which reads in part:

This is a man who is a pariah in Richmond, who his own colleagues shun, who routinely skips hearings and party meetings so he doesn’t have to talk to the rest of the Republican delegation who are trying to actually accomplish things in Richmond.

I guess that gives him more time to work on the ridiculous pieces of legislation he introduces, like creating a Virginia currency, creating our own incandescent light bulb regime (that even AG Cuccinelli opposed), and refighting the Civil War with his incessant anti-Obamacare bills designed to relying on the discredited and unconstitutional doctrines of nullification (which has the blood of hundreds of thousands of Americans on it) and interposition (which has the blood of Civil Rights heroes on it).  Or this little gem from this session, HB 90, a worthless bill designed to ensure that federal employees don’t have their power shut down in the event of a Federal Government shutdown.

Etc, etc. I don’t disagree with any of it, but it got me to wondering: if “Sideshow Bob” is so bad, for all those fine reasons, why is GOP attack dog Barbara Comstock any better? For starters, are there any serious, substantive differences between 10th CD GOP candidates Barbara Comstock and “Sideshow Bob?” Here are the interest group ratings for Barbara Comstock and Bob Marshall, courtesy of Project Vote Smart (note: in both Comstock’s and Marshall’s cases, they should really be in “Project Vote Stupid and Crazy!”). You decide.

*NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia: Both got ZEROES in 2012

Also, check out Comstock’s endorsement by a parade of extremists and crazies…


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