Patrick Hope Announces Formation of Young Professionals Advisory Committee


    Arlington, VA– Last week, at the monthly meeting of the Arlington Young Democrats, Delegate Patrick Hope (D-47), running for Congress in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District, announced the formation of a Young Professionals Advisory Committee. The Committee is set to meet with Hope throughout the campaign to brief him on issues faced by young people entering the workforce.

    “Today, many recent college graduates and young professionals remain either unemployed or underemployed,” Hope said. “Oftentimes burdened with college loan debt, we must make every effort to create an economy that rewards young people who have chosen to invest in their own education. I created an advisory committee so I can hear firsthand about the struggles that young people face when entering the workforce.”  Hope also spoke about making housing more affordable for young people, lowering student loan interest rates, and funding jobs programs.

    Conor Marshall, a 28-year-old Arlington resident and graduate of the University of Mary Washington, will chair the advisory committee. “There’s a new generation of college graduates who find themselves saddled with college loan debt, under/unemployed, and stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of internships. Our next Congressman must understand this new job market that young professionals are facing today, and I commend Patrick for taking on this initiative and showing an interest in these issues. I look forward to working with him in this campaign and in the future,” said Marshall.

    When Hope wins a seat in Congress, he plans to continue meeting with this advisory committee. “My goal is to build a campaign around issues and ideas, which is one reason why I formed this committee.  As a member of Congress, I will continue meeting with these young professionals and fight to create jobs, grow the middle class, and build an economy that rewards investments in education.”

    Anyone interested in joining the committee should send a statement of interest to


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