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Video: Ed Gillespie Doesn’t Want to Wake Up in October and Have “a problem with women voters”


Press release from the DPVA:

Nothing Seems to Change 

RICHMOND — For more than a year, the GOP has talked about changing its brand to be more inclusive to women. Yet, here in Virginia, nothing seems to change.

Just this week, Tea Party Republican Senator Steve Martin referred to a pregnant woman as a "host," and the GOP's state treasurer used a sexist expletive on Facebook to describe a female candidate.

"Comments like these have former Mitt Romney advisor (remember "binders of women?"),D.C. lobbyist, and now U.S. Senate candidate, Ed Gillespie, worried," said Delegate Jennifer McClellan

"Why? Because, by his own admission, he doesn't know what Virginia women care about."

"'One of the first things I’ve been doing is making sure I’m not a candidate who wakes up in October and thinks, ‘Uh oh: I’ve got a problem with women voters.’ I’m thinking about it now,' Gillespie told Hanover County Republicans during a Feb. 20 meeting.


"Instead of calling for a change in his party's backwards agenda or renouncing the members of the GOP who have made these insulting comments, Mr. Gillespie is going to do a listening tour to get 'advice on how to talk about things' that women care about."

See the clip for yourself here http://youtu.be/jSNQy6BQ0Fo.

Perhaps we can be helpful by pointing out just a few of the questions Virginia women have for Ed Gillespie, such as:
  • What is his position on pay equity for women?
  • Why does he want to repeal the ACA, which eliminates higher health care premiums for women?
  • Why does he want to ban common forms of contraception?
  • Why does he support the law created by the Virginia GOP requiring a medically unnecessary ultrasound before terminating a pregnancy?

"If Ed Gillespie and Virginia Republicans truly want to represent all Virginia women, perhaps they should focus on more than just their words: the GOP might also reconsider the extreme views they hold."


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