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Video: Virginia Sen. Bryce Reeves Delivers Weekly Republican Unhinged Tirade


Seriously, where do Republicans find these people? The weekly Virginia Republican address is usually fact challenged and a bit crazed, but this week’s speaker – Sen. Bryce Reeves (R-Spotsylvania) – seriously needs a few napkins to catch the spittle and foam coming out of his mouth. A few “highlights”: 1) Reeves rants about Democrats taking charge of the States Senate following the election of Lt. Governor Ralph Northam, acting like it’s an unprecedented partisan abuse of power, but fails to mention that Virginia Republicans have repeatedly done the exact same thing for years now (e.g., manipulating the rules, rushing through a partisan gerrymandering scheme while Democratic Senator and 70-year-old civil rights leader Henry Marsh was attending President Obama’s inauguration on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; 2) his voice dripping with scorn, he states that “our Democrats are Obama Democrats” (red alert! red alert! severe possibly fatal case of Obama Derangement Syndrome! somebody call an ambulance!), yet again confusing our centrist (to a fault) president with whatever Reeves’ fevered Teahadist brain falsely believes Barack Obama to be (it’s very revealing about Reeves, that’s for sure); 3) Reeves “proves” that Virginia Democrats are a bunch of crazed liberalliberalliberals because…wait for it…they want to raise the minimum wage (!!!) – the horror, the horror (snark)…thus ruining Virginia, basically; 4) Reeves repeats crazed (not to mention totally false) Faux “News” talking points that President Obama has ignored the “rule of law” and acted “unilaterally” blah blah blah, and suggests that Virginia Democrats are doing the same thing (you know, the thing that Obama DID NOT DO!). Anyway, this has been your weekly installment of Virginia Republian Fever Dreams and Frothing at the Mouth. I watch (and report) so you don’t have to! You’re welcome. 😉


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