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Del. Rob Krupicka Statement Opposing Dwight Jones for DPVA Chair


Superb statement by Del. Rob Krupicka (D-Alexandria).

Delegate Krupicka statement on nomination of Dwight Jones

Delegate Krupicka issues statement on Governor’s nomination of Mayor Jones for DPVA Chair

I do not support the statement of the House Democratic Caucus on the nomination of Dwight Jones for chair of the Democratic Party of Virginia.

The battles for equality and human rights in our time have been fought over years and decades. The specific objectives of those battles change and evolve, as we get closer to the ultimate ideal of freedom and equality that we seek. Accordingly, the goals of LGBT equality have moved as our country has moved closer to true equality for all. We are at the threshold of accomplishing the goal of marriage equality; a goal that would have been unthinkable only a few years ago.  Every Statewide office holder, countless activists, community leaders, and now an emerging majority of our citizenry have pushed, suffered and strived for this goal.  

Mayor Jones has a strong and impressive record of support on civil rights and a wide range of issues of benefit to the LGBT community. His apparent unwillingness to embrace marriage equality, however, at a time when that goal is at the forefront of this struggle, casts a shadow over these efforts. Disregard or dismissal of the importance of marriage equality to the overall fight for LGBT equality calls into question the commitment our party has to the goal of equality.

The Mayor is a good, fair person, without bias and his impressive record of service on countless issues speaks loudly. I hope and pray that his evolution on the question of marriage equality is near. I encourage him to engage with faith and other leaders in the LGBT community.

Marriage equality does not force one faith or another to endorse a marriage.  What it does though, in the true spirit of religious freedom, is allow faith and non-faith communities to come to their own conclusions and to practice their own beliefs.

For those of us waiting at the threshold of marriage equality, there is always room for others to join us. We need leaders committed to maintaining and building support for this issue.

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