Arlington, VA – On Saturday, Patrick Hope held the first meeting of his Young Professionals Advisory Committee. Twenty young voters from across the 8th district met with Patrick to discuss issues important to them surrounding employment opportunities for young people and recent graduates.

    “The 8th district is full of young professionals whose voices need to be heard,” Hope said after the meeting. “We discussed issues such as underemployment, student loan debt and mass transit. I believe that the next Congressman from the 8th district needs to listen carefully to young professionals- they are the future of our community.”

    At the recent Arlington Young Democrats straw poll, Hope received 57% of the vote- with the other eleven 8th district candidates combining to get the other 43%. Conor Marshall, Chair of the Young Professionals Advisory Committee, said after the meeting, “This type of community engagement is exactly what voters in the 8th district have been waiting for. Patrick Hope continues to demonstrate that he values our input and will listen to us once elected to Congress.”


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